O bus driver A bar spin where one hand stays on the bars the whole time around, so it looks like you're turning the steering wheel on a bus, C Armed with an ice pick, spike boots and a fair amount of guts, ice climbers take on glaciers and icy cliffs seeking the ultimate challenge. extreme sports, wellbeing, psychology, performance. Snowblades or Short Ski, are skis that are comparably short - a mix between skis and ice skates. List of Sports Terms For General Awareness, The General Awareness section is a part of almost all major. Are you ready? truck The hardware on the bottom of a skateboard to which the wheels are attached Exploring the world on horseback is a unique experience. N An adrenaline pumping sport involving a group of mates going out of control off-road and downhill on trikes. farside When a trick is performed on the outside edge of a vert or park course rock and roll A trick where the underside of the board and wheels are tapped on the lip before a kickturn to re-enter The ultimate aim is to stay above the waterline whilst slicing through the water atgreat speed and shifting your weight to keepyour balance. nosepick In BMX, stalling on the front tire of the bike Japan Front hand grabs the toe edge in front of the front foot, knees are bent Imagine climbing up these formations with your bare hands, without a rope, without a safety, knowing that any little mistake can be punished with a deep drop. What extreme sport is the term "abadaca" used in? Would you give it a go? tail The rear end of the board In a traditional sporting event, athletes compete against each other under controlled circumstances. backside rodeo Coming off a jump with your back turned down the hill, flipping 540 and landing fakie or rotating a total of 720 and landing regular Make sure to always keep track of your routes, otherwise youll get lost in the depths of these endless caves. All this with 450+ horsepower under your seat. abadaca In BMX, a term used when a rider rides up the ramp facing forward, touches the back tire to the coping, then rides down the ramp fakie abubaca Going Explorenarrow river gorges, jaw-dropping drifts and turns around treacherouscliffs. B1. kickturn Rotating on the rear wheels of a skateboard while the front wheels are off the ground Make things even more interesting by playing a game of Jenga as you fly down the piste. 180 A 180 degree rotation in the air, landed fakie. acid drop When a rider goes straight off an object and freefalls to the ground The phrase may have been invented by either writer Barnaby Conrad or automotive author Ken Purdy.[12]. The coordination, pace and adrenaline rush is why the sport is becoming so popular. Rock climbing and ice climbing have spawned publicly recognizable names such as Edmund Hillary, Chris Bonington, Wolfgang Gllich and more recently Joe Simpson. The phrase is; lookdown In BMX, a jumping variation that involves kicking the back end of the bike out while pulling the front end upward and turning the bars into your body Make sure to always keep up your sense oforientation. Both legs pass through the arms simultaneously and both arms release at the same time to allow the legs to pass back through to the foot pegs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Apodaca is ranked #3202 in terms of the most common surnames in America.The Apodaca surname appeared 11,280 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 4 would have the surname Apodaca.85% or 9,593 total occurrences were of Hispanic origin.12.5% or 1,410 total occurrences were White.1.2% or 140 total occurrences were American Indian or Alaskan Native.0.5% or 59 total occurrences were of two or more races.0.4% or 50 total occurrences were Asian.0.2% or 29 total occurrences were Black. montana workers' compensation act PacMan v2.6. WebThere is a list of more than 40 sports that considered as an extreme; such as: skateboarding, mountain boarding, kiting, xpogo, parkour, bunjee jumping, surfing, and the list keeps going. One argument is that to qualify as an "extreme sport" both expression terms need to be fulfilled; Along this definition, being a passenger in a canyon jet boat ride will not fulfill the requirements as the skill required pertains to the pilot, not the passengers. Q.2. Bouldering is the version of rock climbing where the athletes challenge their skills on a pre-installed course. Personal Fouls: These refer to the fouls caused by commencement of contact with an opponent player. switch stance Riding the board with the opposite footing than usual, i.e., "goofy foot" instead of "regular foot" Climbing mountains with ice axes, crampons, ropes, harnesses etc. Throughout the course competitors must prepare to run, climb, haul, leap, slide and crawl as they stampede round the obstacle track. downloads Equipped with an extra wing suit, the athletes jump down cliffs and steep hills reaching some breaking speed. Copyright 2005 Metro Publishing Inc. Metroactive is affiliated with the Boulevards Network. It's tough and will push you to the limit. [27], Extreme sports is a sub-category of sports that are described as any kind of sport "of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average". Named this because it looks like a tombstone sticking up from one edge of vert ramp. If you have a question or are looking for specific information, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help if we can. Whether you are on a snowboard or ski, this kite uses the wind to transport you wherever you want at some incredible speed . The daredevils performing this extreme sport have found various different styles, from highlining between cliffs to performing impressive tricks and spins most people wouldnt even be able to execute on the ground. backside air An air performed on the backside wall of the vert ramp In dirt and park, the rider will do a back flip from jump to jump or ramp to ramp. You just need to go through all these terms once to answer the questions correctly. The daredevilwindsurfersnot only ride the waves, but use them as ramps and aren'tscared easily. The worlds unveiled by these lights seem like a different planet and are incredibly complex. Candidates preparing for the various government exams can refer to the detailed exam syllabus in the links given below: The table given below gives the list of Sports Terms along with the sports it associates to: Candidates can download the list of Sports terminology from the PDF link given below: Sports Terminology List:-Download PDF Here. What was extreme sports Damon Bradshaw's nickname? tabletop A type of obstacle that is comprised of an upward ramp, flat on top and a ramp in the opposite direction on the other side boardslide/railslide To slide on an obstacle or lip with the underside of the board sliding along the edge canyon The space between two ramps in park and dirt BMX A. Windsurfing is the art of riding a surfboard with a sail attached, that allows the athlete to use the wind in order to gain speed and jump waves. The LMX bikes can reach high speeds and enable you to ride for longer. kickflip a variation on the ollie in which the skater kicks the board into a spin before landing back on it Test your Extreme Sports knowledge with this quiz Questions and Answers 1. crooked grind A simultaneous nose grind and nose slide WebSponsorships, endorsements, TV marketing and advertising all utilise the term extreme sport for these reasons. The term Butterfly Strokes is associated with which of the following? Snowkiting, as the name implies, describes the use of a kite as an additional way of accelerating. These include charging, holding, tripping, elbowing, blocking. superman BMX and motocross trick where a rider takes both feet off the pedals and stretches legs out straight behind the bike. Rock climbing, as the name implies, is all about conquering the most difficult, steep, spiky and sketchy rock formations. half cab A 180 degree Caballerial bank An elevated surface on a park course or in true street used to complete tricks Wakeboarding describes being towed behind a crane or boat whilst standing on a board. [19] Furthermore, recent studies suggest that the link to adrenaline and 'true' extreme sports is tentative. (1) 2. extreme sport definition: 1. a sport that is very dangerous and exciting, for example, skydiving and bungee jumping 2. a. The case or function of a pronoun when it is the direct or indirect object of a verb or verbal, the object of a preposition, the subject of an infinitive, or an appositive to an object. Disability scholarship can help challenge what the word "extreme" in "extreme sports" means. Due to the cushion effect of the ball you will feel no pain of falling, crashing or colliding, which enables you to go full power. board length The measurement of the length of a skateboard Apart from the above sample questions on sports terms, check. In the vert ramp, a 720 is started and landed forward. [1][2][3] These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion and highly specialized gear. extreme sport. box jump A type of obstacle, used in park competitions, that consists of two ramps on either side of a deck Bungee jumping was treated as a novelty for a few years, then became a craze for young people, and is now an established industry for thrill seekers. goofy A goofy-footed skater skates with his right foot forward, as opposed to regular, which is left foot forward. Heli biking is perfect for searching and discovering new lines, exploringwhole new terrains and turning the mountain into your canvas. S feeblegrind In skateboarding, a type of grind that uses the rear truck while the front truck is on top of the obstacle scuba diving gear. The Dangerous Sports Club of Oxford University, England was founded by David Kirke, Chris Baker, Ed Hulton and Alan Weston. kicker A name for a ramp. Knock out, Ring Stoppage, Punch, Round, Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Timing, Footwork, Accidental Butt, Bleeder, Bolo Punch, Bout, Brawler, Break, Buckle, Canvas, Card, Caught Cold, Clinch, Corkscrew Punch, Cornerman, Counterpunch, Cross, Cutman, Dive, Eight Count, Glass Jaw, Haymaker, Liver Shot, Low Blow, Mauler, Neutral Corner, Plodder, Ring Generalship, Roughhousing, Southpaw, Spar, Stablemate, Technical Knockout, Walkout Bout, Whiskers etc. Gravity defying spins, impressive stunts andscary heights are a must! Snow tubing moves away from water for a whole different experience in the mountains. While the use of the term "extreme sport" has spread everywhere to describe a multitude of different activities, exactly which sports are considered 'extreme' is debatable. One of the essentials in the extreme sports family, Snowboarding. S2CID1533848. Sports have been an integral part of many cultures around the world for centuries. In the vert ramp, a 1080 is started and landed forward. STANDS4 LLC, 2023. [promotional language][24][25], Extreme sports may be perceived as extremely dangerous, conducive to fatalities, near-fatalities and other serious injuries. switch stance Riding the board with the opposite footing than usual, i.e., "goofy foot" instead of "regular foot", T funbox A platform object with banked sides, usually found in a park course, G fakie Riding backward [33] The technologies that make the outdoors accessible to people with disabilities are qualitatively different from the technologies used in extreme sports, and yet only the former are seen as unnatural. What rider won a 125 national championship on a Honda and then on a Kawasaki? halfpipe Another term for a vert ramp, it is a U-shaped structure sub box A box set up on the deck of a quarterpipe, set back from the edge The objective (or accusative) forms of English pronouns are me, us, you, him, her, it, them, whom, and whomever . As they crash on the ground it is even harder to read them, so read carefully, the ground is not far from the surface. [29] However, these sports also have the potential to produce drastic benefits on mental and physical health and provide opportunity for individuals to engage fully with life. Weather conditions change quickly in the mountains, in a blink of an eye it will gofrom warm to cold, blue bird to blizzards, so make sure you look out for a clear weather window and hit the mountain for an adventure of a lifetime. lip trick A trick performed on the lip of a vert ramp [28] These kinds of sports often carry out the potential risk of serious and permanent physical injury and even death. . They are crawling with rebels, riders, drivers and rock stars. After a long day of walking up the mountain, exertingblood, sweat and sometimes tears toreachthe top is an amazing feeling. barrel roll An air trick where the rider and the bike rotate clockwise or counterclockwise horizontally Journal of Health Psychology, 18 (4), 477-487. Rise and ride across multiple terrains on endurance bikes. pick In BMX, when a rider balances one part of his bike on the coping of an obstacle and stalls momentarily. The wind is your engine. Constant concentration and a lot of rowing is required in order to avoid crashing into deadly obstacles like spiky rocks. Who won the Skateboarding Vert Ramp Competition at the 2001 X-Games in Philly? Extreme sports are good for your health: a phenomenological understanding of fear and anxiety in extreme sport. sub box A box set up on the deck of a quarterpipe, set back from the edge For Knee Boarding, the athlete is kneeling on a board that is comparable to the shape of a wakeboard. Climbing through the dark abyss, moist air, gloomy shapes and echoes of falling rocks create an intensively intimidating atmosphere. [ Intro | Skate-Punk Oral History | Skate Parks | Glossary | Sports Tour Schedule ] But watch out, the faster you ride it, the further you fly. railslide A trick in which the skater slides the underside of the deck along an object, such as a curb or a handrail Expect collisions, crashes and sketchy overtakes as you all race to the finish line at the bottom of the mountain. Big heights, long jumps and the feeling of being taken away by the wind makes you feel like a superhero on wheels. cased When a rider or skater misses a landing With the Alps offering groomed sledge runs, hang up the skis and board for a moment, grab your tray and see the mountain from a whole new perspective. Shifting weight and building up pressure to gain great air time and the ability to impress with tricks and spins is the ultimate goal. Gambit, move, resign, stalemate, checkmate, Grandmaster, international master, Kings Indian Defence, etc. Activities categorized by media as extreme sports differ from traditional sports due to the higher number of inherently uncontrollable variables. top tube The top horizontal tube on a bicycle frame, between your head tube and seat tube total views The term Punter is related to which game? top tube The top horizontal tube on a bicycle frame, between your head tube and seat tube In recent decades the term extreme sport was further promoted after the Extreme Sports Channel, Extremesportscompany.com launched and then the X Games, a multi-sport event was created and developed by ESPN. Once you're in, you're in for life. You will need to be able to cope with tough terrain, unpredictableweather conditions and have the stamina to manage steep elevations and long distances. A group of you going fast down a steep, icy slope on inflatable rings! miller flip A frontside invert with 360 degree turn lookdown In BMX, a jumping variation that involves kicking the back end of the bike out while pulling the front end upward and turning the bars into your body The origin of the divergence of the term "extreme sports" from "sports" may date to the 1950s in the appearance of a phrase usually, but wrongly, attributed to Ernest Hemingway. Sledding has been around for years, howevertoboggan technology has developed massively and now people are going faster than ever before. ref>Willig, Carla (2008). Extreme sports, those activities that lie on the outermost edges of independent adventurous leisure activities, where a mismanaged mistake or accident could result in death, have developed into a significant worldwide phenomenon. Roaring motors, muddy bikes and raw territory - motocross doesnt care about obstacles, makes no halt at big airtime and definitely is as blunt as it gets. Volley, Late service, Drive spin, Half volley, Backhand, Chop, etc. Reach incredibly high vantage points with tree top rope courses. Extreme sports - . cased When a rider or skater misses a landing pick In BMX, when a rider balances one part of his bike on the coping of an obstacle and stalls momentarily. Make sure to be able to read the wind, otherwise it may carry you into the crowns of the next fir forest. The fourth-largest city in the state (after Monterrey, Guadalupe, and San Nicols de los Garza), Apodaca is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nuevo Len and an important industrial center. With an incredible average top speed of 75 miles per hour, these beasts are nothing to joke with. Extreme sailing is one of the most exhilaratingsports in the world. rocket air In BMX and motocross, when a rider stands on back pegs with both legs and then returns to a sitting position before landing For other uses, see, This article is about Extreme sport. concave The contour of a skate deck Extreme sport activities are continually evolving, typical examples include BASE Keywords: Making no stop before mud, rocks and other obstacles, its a true off-road sport. hand plant In skateboarding, a handstand with the board still touching a skater's feet The majority of us would stick toflat areas, but some daredevils make use of it going downhill, using weight shifting to gain additional airtime and to defy gravity. For more information about the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, visit sanjose.com. barrel roll An air trick where the rider and the bike rotate clockwise or counterclockwise horizontally quarterpipe A vert ramp with only one wall. What extreme sports X Gamer goes by the nickname Skippy? To remain alert and keep ones attention focused on the task or matter at hand. heel flip In skateboarding, flipping the board with your heel Paddle surfing can be compared to regular surfing with a paddle that enables more control and more agile movements, whilst riding the waves. Catching the right moment and the perfect wave is all you will you will constantly strive for. Named after Steve Caballero. With many crevasses and slippery terrain, you will need professional equipment before making your first step into the abyss. exercises after toe fusion surgery,